Anonymous asked: You will always be my headcanon Dave.<3

im gonna cry oh man thank you so much thats really nice of you to say

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hiddentriforce asked: You will be missed!

thanks for the condolences 

therougeofjaeger asked: I came on to see my senpai's blog and now im just hella sad

i may not be here posting anymore bUT ILL ALWAYS BE IN YOUR HEART

chaserxfly asked: Even though you're shutting down, Thanks for Being constantly and continuosly awesome! And you will forever be immortalized as that one cool Strider blog everyone thought was awesome regardless~

dang yo youre welcome haha. ahhh thank you you guys are really sweet omg

originalaccountname asked: Is there a way we can still follow you?

i have a personal blog, though it isnt very homestuck-y at the moment if you wanna follow it, its corporalshortstack

hi yes hello this is a public service announcement

i’m going to be deleting this blog in a day or two or maybe just outright abandoning it. ive had a lot of fun and you guys are the best followers i could ask for. youve all made this such an awesome experience for me and i really cant thank you enough i wish there was a way to repay you.

its been really great, and im really thankful of all your support but i just dont feel like cosplaying dave anymore and honestly dont feel like i do him enough justice at this point.

im glad i started this blog though, so thank you all for sticking with me!

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Anonymous asked: yiff

man i told you not to

Anonymous asked: WOOF

dont do that man im warning you

Anonymous asked: Is bro freaking sewing in the background

uh wow no thats jane cmon get it right guys